Mike McCurry is renowned for being a football referee from Scotland. Although he has been known for his excellent record of refereeing he is also a Baptist Associate Pastor at the Mosspark Baptist Church, situated in Glasgow.

For Mike McCurry refereeing has always been a massive hobby which is why he lists his main occupation as the Minister of Christian Faith. Mike has refereed many games over the years and was even on the FIFA list of referees, despite this the Scottish Football Association failed to nominate him to the list for the 2008-2009 football season, however, he was previously on the list and has been regularly referred to as one of the SFA’s FIFA referees on his profile on the SFA website.

Mick Mccurry was a FIFA referee from 1996 til the end of 2004, the highest profile matches were the Champions League group stage matches, however, Mike often said that the Scottish Cup final in 2004 and the 2001 U20 World cup were the most important to him.

Now as a Baptist Associate Pastor Mike Mccurry is passionate about helping people find hope in a difficult world as they journey through their lives. Mike McCurry welcomes everyone of all walks of life and ages to Mosspark Baptist Church and hopes that you to will join him and the rest of the community at our church.